Wonderful Ladies

The Wonderful Ladies project introduces women who have made a name for themselves with extraordinary achievements in their time.

Today, it is no longer considered exceptional for women to serve a top economic, scientific or political position, or to be a prominent figure in the field of arts, science or sport. However, the picture is significantly overshadowed by the relatively low proportion of women in these senior positions. It is also an unfortunate fact that in the 21st century, the principle of equal pay for equal work is still not fully applied, with women often having to break through the “glass ceiling” to make their mark.

The main aim of the Wonderful Ladies project is to show how these women, through their talent, determination and endurance, defied the stereotypes of their time and society to become leading figures. Gender stereotypes are still latent, so we consider it an objective to reduce such mindsets among the target groups.

The project shall reduce gender discrimination within the society, and we believe this shall shift the public mindset towards a healthier attitude. Legal equality is ensured by laws in 21st century states, but we believe it is important for our young people to consider it as the most natural presence in their everyday lives and mindsets.

The target group of 10–18-year-olds are partly affected by these disadvantages themselves, and partly through their parents and families, and, therefore, suffer multiple disadvantages compared to their peers living under consolidated circumstances.

Our task: project management (content development, communication, operative works)