The Visume mobile application is an interactive art application that introduces users to universally recognised works of universal culture.

We will explore some of the most topical themes through one or more paintings of our choice. For example, we will present and discuss the situation of women in the past and today, or raise awareness about responsible animal husbandry through paintings.

The desire to experience beauty and to have direct access to works of art is a basic human need, but such access for some individuals and groups is limited due to various reasons. The reality of today is that, due to the constraints of space, physical distance, as well as limited access to travel and mobility, many people are unable to experience works of art up close and admire them in their concrete reality. For them, the developed application “brings home” the possibility and experience of learning about art, therefore providing access to reinforce equal opportunities.

The aim of the application is to promote the arts among the target age group of 10–18-year-olds, and to support individual discovery of artworks through online guided tours and interactive tasks. The project builds on the knowledge they have already acquired during their school studies. In the field of visual and artistic education, it provides students and teachers with modern, new tools and methods for further learning.

Our task: project management (content development, communication, operative works)