Introduction to the visual world

The world has never seen technology develop as fast as it does now in the 21st century. We believe that it is important for us to make educational technology catch up with this pace, overtake the sluggish national curricula and create a new quality that is good enough for our own children. As such, we have created several app families which, supporting each other; can draw a fuller world around children and young people.

The primary aim of the uPaint project is to strengthen the relationship 6–14-year-olds have to visual culture and introduce them to the world of images. uPaint the digital application allows users to use and digitally manipulate images of art treasures found in museums. The app allows the editing and transformation of the original images into new, unique creations. Users can use the images as they see fit, applying their creativity to make new ones. They can share their creations with each other using the app and upload it to their own profile. Meanwhile, they can discover the most famous works of past eras and contemporary artists. Digital manipulation can be done using a variety of techniques of image editing, so that the exploration of the artwork and digital competences can be developed simultaneously, and children can learn in a playful, enjoyable and almost unnoticed way.

Our task: project management (content development, communication, operative works)