Hungarian Heritage House:
The Exhibition of the Year

The exhibition entitled ‘Scents, flavours, shapes – Look by hand, see by heart’ offers visitors with sensory disabilities an experience through four traditional crafts. The aim of the international cooperation was to create a multi-sensory museum, i.e., one that affects several of our senses.

In addition to the artefacts of four crafts, the exhibition includes interactive, touchable and smellable games that can be tried and illustrative tools, such as a felt memory game, a gingerbread racket-matching game, a gingerbread spice recognition game, a felt maze, and a tile pattern game that expresses emotions. The games and illustrative tools were developed and made by folk artisans and craftsmen. In addition to all this, accessible digital content also helps to process information and gain knowledge effectively.

The games related to the four topics – gingerbread making, felting, pottery and shepherding – encourage experimentation and provide an experience, while learning about decorative techniques, shapes and craft characteristics.

In connection with the exhibition, museum educational sessions help with the thematic, complex processing; thus, the museum provides an interactive, experience-oriented learning opportunity, and sensitizes preschool and school age groups with typical and special educational needs through play. This museum space is a milestone in achieving our museum accessibility goals.