Rise and Fall of the Maya Empire

The first “community-interactive” exhibition

“Discover it, live it, experience it!” The exhibition takes the visitor into the jungle of 19th century Mexico: you will have the opportunity to explore the Mayan ruins alone or in a group. Fragmented vases and codices of monumental size, an excavation area and a labyrinth are all part of the exhibition.
We have included interactive tasks and actions in the exhibition that require at least two participants to solve and operate. In this way, the discovery of the Mayan civilization will be a community experience, sometimes using the most modern techniques.

Are the Mayan pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphs related to the Egyptians? Was the Mayan calendar more accurate than the Gregorian calendar currently used in Europe? Was there really cannibalism among the Maya? Are most of the Mayan ruins really in private hands? Did this civilization that existed for thousands of years cause its own loss? – visitors to the exhibition can get answers to these questions, among others.

The exhibition presents archaeological excavations, the history of the Mayans, their life and thinking in themed rooms: religion, architecture, writing, and mathematics are all presented in the exhibition’s material.
42,000 visitors tasted the Mayan chocolate handed out at the end of the exhibition.

Our task: project management (development, communication, operative works)