The project is named after the Latin word “ridere”, meaning ‘smile’. The name refers to the essential objective of the project, to raise awareness that health is not simply the absence of disease, but a state of general physical and mental well-being, contentment and balance.

True well-being (being) also requires satisfaction with oneself, one’s health and circumstances. The components of the project support children in developing a healthy lifestyle, establishing a realistic self-image, self-acceptance and a healthy self-awareness.

The specific objective is to support the education of the youngest age groups to lead healthy lifestyles and maintain proper physical and mental health. This is closely linked to the educational objectives of the core curriculum.

With Ridere, the emphasis is on prevention, as for all concerned, prevention is better than subsequent treatment.

Preserving and protecting health as a shared value implies civic engagement and participation in this process, including the development of social competences, which is a complex activity. The children involved in the programme, their parents and teachers shall become part of an informal learning activity that shall be supported through the stories of the project.

Our task: project management (content development, communication, operative works)