Ramesses – the excavation

An adventure with head-lamps.

The exhibition, which was voted ‘Touring exhibition of the Year in Eastern Europe’, took both its young and older visitors on a journey to ancient Egypt. Designed as an archaeological excavation site, filled with sculptures of Egyptian Gods, a labyrinth and mummification room, children had a chance to feel like true explorers.

The exhibition took young and young-at-heart visitors to ancient Egypt. The special feature of the exhibition was that, after passing through the entrance, visitors found themselves on an archaeological dig surrounded by Egyptian gods, where, putting on an archaeologist’s hard hat, they could search the sand themselves. The labyrinth and the mummification room further contributed to the pleasures of discovery: 110,000 visitors to the exhibition Ramesses – The Excavation decided to have “hands-on” experience of this ritual that today seems bizarre.

“Between these walls the story of Ramses II comes to life. A man who had surpassed all his predecessors and had the honour of offering sacrifices to himself because he himself had become a god. He took great care of his beloved Egypt.

This complex was also started to be built on his orders. However, a terrible sandstorm prevented the workers from completing their work and glorifying their master.

The date is 1876. A boy recently found fragments peeking out from under the sand. Archaeologists are nearing the end of the excavation. It’s night. We have the opportunity to peek into their work. But only in silence, lest the pharaoh’s curse overtake us…”

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