The project aims to encourage young adult tourists not only to visit the traditional, often clichéd places seen in travel guides, but also to explore destinations that are friendly, welcoming corners with local specialities, loved and recommended by the local people. This approach shall bring new destinations into the melting pot of tourism.

The project shall give young people a role in influencing community marketing. Their personal stories, recorded on site as texts, photos or videos, shall be incorporated into the depiction of the municipality and serves as informal learning of them in developing and exploring the cities and creating attractive texts and media about the recommended places.

A key priority is to promote active citizenship, develop young people’s initiative and entrepreneurship skills. Young travellers shall come into contact with local people, learn about their customs and local culture. The reinforcement of European identity is supported by getting to know the places visited, by contact with the people living there and with peers participating in the project. Part of respect for common European values is that young adults, as visitors, shall learn about local traditions, adapt to local customs and learn to follow them.

The project focuses on building a grassroots community from young adults, where participants connect or respond to each other’s stories, inspire each other, start their own new initiatives and seek followers and partners. This also develops their social skills and network of contacts through the platform and face-to-face encounters.

Our task: project management (content development, communication, operative works)