Julius Caesar – the Bibrax Legend

Discover the lost fortress of the great conqueror

Breaking away from boring glass storage solutions, we can get to know the most important moments of Caesar’s life, moving from generalities to details – and everyone can even be a bit of an archaeologist.
The exhibition presents Caesar’s life journey, childhood, conquests and private life – the visitor can get to know the statesman, the brilliant general, the brilliant historian and the great womanizer. You can also take a look at an excavation or follow the path of the great conqueror and politician towards absolute power. Research trenches, measuring tapes, spades, shovels, finds, ceramic fragments, skeletons present the experience of a real excavation.

The idea that inspired this exhibition was to enable visitors to get to know the most important moments of Caesar’s life, progressing from the general to the detailed, and focusing on his military achievements and work as a historian while breaking with dull arrangements in glass cabinets. Everyone coming to the exhibition could try their hand at archaeology, and an exact replica of the original site of the Bibrax excavations provided an excellent opportunity for this. Every visitor was given an excavation log to test what they learned at the exhibition. There were separate logs for younger and older schoolchildren, secondary school students and adults. Almost 40,000 logs were completed by the closing date of the exhibition.

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