House of Jewish Excellences

„Had the evil plan succeeded, these excellences would have been killed, as well, just as our other brothers and sisters were. However, they were able to escape, responding to the darkness with the words of life. They built a palace from their thoughts, and that became our home. It is due to their grace and genius that humanity and mankind live on.”

This is stated in the mission statement of the Jewish House of Excellences in Balatonfüred. In this interactive exhibition, you can learn about the lives, work and achievements of Jewish scientists, artists, and athletes.

Did you know that, of all the Nobel Prizes ever awarded, 22.5% have been given to Jewish scientists, while only 0.2% of the world’s population is Jews? We wish to commemorate this remarkable achievement with this exhibition, where visitors can read and learn about the life and professional successes of 130 researchers of Jewish origin. The exhibition shows how they contributed to the world becoming a better place through their scientific work, now hopefully going abroad as well after the success it enjoyed in Hungary.

Get to know with 120 game changer scholar’s, artist’s and sportpeople life and work

The permanent exhibition is located at the House of Jewish Excellences, in Hungary. We collected information about the academic accomplishments as well as the personal life of these distinguished scientists. Their contribution to the world had to be acknowledged. And presented to the wider audience in an interactive way.

Our task: project management