The Annos project aims to share specific knowledge and experience held by older generations, making it available to younger generations. Our project is counting on them to pass on their inherited knowledge, experience and solutions to younger people, their children or grandchildren, that work well and can be used in everyday life.

For young people of today, the Internet and social media are an essential part of life. It is there that they first seek answers to their questions and problems, and that is how they may get in touch with older people through this project.

The priority of the project reads “Shared values, shared participation.” Within this social goal, reducing the intergenerational divide, building communities, preservation and protection of cultural heritage are areas where the Annos project creates the possibility of intergenerational leapfrogging through knowledge transfer. It brings together generations that, according to some studies, are divided by a large gap and find it hard (even impossible) to find a common language.

The primary target group of the Annos project is young adults over 18 years of age on the brink of becoming independent.

Our task: project management (content development, communication, operative works)